Ipanema Shoe Size Chart

The brand was started in 1971 by brothers Pedro and Alexandre Grendene. They wanted to use their acumen in molding technology to create fashion footwear the reflected the spirit of the Brazilian culture. Interestingly, the brothers were the first to invent the ‘jellies’ type of shoes.

In 2001 the brothers created Sandalias Ipanema, the line of flip flops and sandals you know today.  Ipanema  is a neighborhood located in the southern regional of Rio de Janeiro. Since Brazil is a nation of bright colors, natural beauty and easy-going people, the Ipanema brand became one of Brazil’s hottest flip flop brands. Every season they come out with a complete line of flip flops, sandals and wedges that represents the country’s lifestyle.

Women's Ipanema Size Chart

6 4 6 37 227 8.853 22.7
7 5 7 38 233 9.087 23.3
8 6 8 39 240 9.36 24
9 7 9 40 247 9.633 24.7