Shoe Charts

Are you looking for a shoe size chart for a popular brand? We're here to help! Browse our expansive collection of branded shoe size conversion charts. Use the navigation above to get started!

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How do you find the right size?

The important things you should you know are that a size 12 doesn't mean your foot length is 12 inches, and shoe sizes vary by brand. Also, any brand that has shoe sizes that fit comfortably to your measured size is considered True-to-Size.

First, download a printable shoe size chart. After you follow the easy to understand instructions, you'll know the number of your USA size.


How do you use our website to make a more informed decision? For example, if you needed to buy a shoe internationally, our shoe charts charts will help you convert from USA sizes to EU.

We currently support size conversion for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, and Korea sizes. Many countries don't have a size system, so they use CM (centimeter) measurement. For your convenience we also list CM measurements as well!

What you should know!

You're probably wondering why don't call brands fit the same? The simple answer is ... there's no standard amongst the different shoe brands. Each company uses a unique template that the shoe is based on called a last. A shoe last is basically a solid form of a foot without toes.

A Nike® brand shoe may fit very differently from an Asics®. Never assume because you wear a size 9 for particular brand that it means you wear the same size in another brand. The real question is you should be asking is "Is it True-to-Size?".