Helle Comfort Shoe Size Chart

Spain has always been known for its fine shoes and Helle Comfort is no exception. Combining the finest in the Spanish and Italian leathers with an anatomical design creates a shoe that looks as good as it feels. Designed specifically for women, these highly fashionable and feminine shoes come in a variety of styles that women love. Helle Comfort is proud to offer everything from flat bottomed sandals, walking shoes, even moderate to high heels. That way women can look good and feel good too.

Even though fashion comes first, Helle Comfort shoes would never sacrifice quality or comfort to achieve that. In fact Helle Comfort shoes are still made in Spain the way the finest shoes have been made in Spain for centuries. All Helle comfort shoes accommodate a variety of foot widths in addition to offering strong arch and metatarsal support. Also, many shoes offer removable orthontic footbeds so you can remove the footbed and replace it with your own custom orthontic. Feminine and comfortable; that's Helle Comfort shoes. 

Women's Helle Comfort Size Chart

6-6.5 N/A 6-6.5 37 227 8.853 22.7
7-7.5 N/A 7-7.5 38 233 9.087 23.3
8-8.5 N/A 8-8.5 39 240 9.36 24
9-9.5 N/A 9-9.5 40 247 9.633 24.7
10-10.5 N/A 10-10.5 41 253 9.867 25.3
11-11.5 N/A 11-11.5 42 260 10.14 26