Evolv Shoe Size chart

Climbing and outdoor footwear are the main products at the Evolv shoe company which specializes in high-performance, high-friction climbing shoes, rock boots and other types of outdoor shoes. Usually, great products are born out of a desire to produce superior quality or meet a specific need. This is how the Evolv brand was formed. In 2003, a resole company known as Yosemite Bum Resoles joined forces with a team of designers to create the brand.

These shoes provide rock climbing capability, a stylish look, durability and quality materials. Unlike some shoe companies that simply pass on shoe designs to others to manufacture, the Evolv shoe company owns and operates a US-based manufacturing plant and this transforms the quality of output and the potential for innovation into a higher dimension. The Evolv brand uses high-performing technologies and materials including TRAX XT® high friction rubber, Love Bumps, Knuckle Boxes and Variable Thickness Rands that provide product durability.