BeautiFeel Shoe Size Chart

Classy, sharp, stylish and above all cute. These are the founding principles of BeautiFEEL shoes. Founded in 1990, it's one of the younger shoe brands on the market. However 'younger' does not mean 'not as good'. Far from it. In fact, BeautiFEEL shoes were founded on the idea that a shoe should be cute, dressy and comfortable. And BeautiFEEL shoes certainly live up to their promise.

Many people say that BeautiFEEL shoes feel like bedroom slippers with their soft leather uppers and lined insoles. These lined insoles are hand made, which ensures the ultimate in cushioning and support for your foot.

Heals on BeautiFEEL shoes are always well proportioned; never narrow spikes or sharp angles that would hurt your feet. The latex soles are ideal for shock absorption flexibility and traction. BeautiFEEL shoes are perfect for people who love dressing up but hate the pain associated with dress shoes. Now, you can dress up all the time and love it with BeautiFEEL shoes.

Women's BeautiFeel Size Chart

5-5.5 N/A 5-5.5 36 220 8.58 22
6-6.5 N/A 6-6.5 37 227 8.853 22.7
7-7.5 N/A 7-7.5 38 233 9.087 23.3
8-8.5 N/A 8-8.5 39 240 9.36 24
9-9.5 N/A 9-9.5 40 247 9.633 24.7
10 N/A 10 41 253 9.867 25.3
10.5-11 N/A 10.5-11 42 260 10.14 26